Hi, I'm John

This is my website

A little bit about myself...

I am majoring in Computer Engineering at Purdue University and I expect to graduate in May 2023. I love coding, traveling, meeting new people, and spending time with people I already know.

I started to code when I was 16. Since then, I have worked on some very cool projects both by myself and with friends. This website is a way for me to show off some of the things I have done, enjoy!



Entropy is a new social media platform that lets you be yourself. We got rid of filters and editing, so everything you see on Entropy is 100% real. I am currently working on all the code myself, and my partner is designing the UI/UX and handling the marketing. We are currently testing our app and adding some last minute features, and we hope to release the app within the next couple of weeks.

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Rocket Guidance

I worked on a team that developed software capable of landing a rocket. Our code is based on an algorithm developed by Blackmore, L., Carson, J., and Açıkmese, B. The algorithm maps out a path that lands the rocket at or near the target location while minimizing fuel usage. The video you see now is a simulated rocket landing itself using the software that we wrote.

This Website

This website is a fun way for me to learn web development and show off everything that I've done. I am just using Javascript, HTML and CSS for now. It's currently being hosted on a Django web server that is running on Google App Engine.